Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some new thougths...

Ok, I admit its been forever since I have been on here and for that my deepest apologies. Sometimes a person needs a breather from things. Just for the ones on the outside looking in I am the normal single mom of three wonderful kids. If one could look inside they would see what a small percentage of people have felt at some point in there life. They would find the frustration, the anger, the results of lies so many lies, the unanswered questions, the hurt from it and lastly relief when the truth is finally out. Sad part is it just casuses more questions. The biggest one is one that will never be answered...why? During my digging I found out that you can kill, rape and beat a woman and face charges 10, 20 or 30 years after the fact but you can beat torture a child and in 3 to 7 years be scott free of charges and/or responsibility of the incident. Well we all know what we get from that if said child lives thru such an ordeal...right a vicious cycle of abuse. I am wondering where is the justice in this. How does this stop child abuse? Putting up posters, commericals on the tv or sending out stuff thru schools isnt enough, maybe a slap to the wrist was suffient in 1700 but this is 2013 and its not enough. Law makers need to wake up and see that they may not like Obama but for the love of God, hes right its time to change the laws for todays time. These abusers shouldnt be allowed to continue to hurt our tomorrow, damage our doctors, lawyers or even our waitress of tomorrow. Every child should be able to live breathe and eat somewhere safe clean and without fear of whats to come next.
Ok now that I am off my soapbox for a minute that brings me to my next subject...Why does the state of Indiana feel that they have the right to stop us from finding our past? I think our past should be just as open as theres is. What do they gain from hiding it? I guess its there to protect the person that was in the wrong, the one who abused negeleted or in some cases did worse not said child. Some laws Indiana...way to go!!! If the state of Indiana was protecting the children of the state why do they have a law that states that there is only a statutory period of 7 years and remove the children and they tell the children once they are grown of course find your birth parent but please dont ask us for anything just register and see what happens is all we can do for you. Amazing isn't it? Some of us seperated for abuse, negelet or just not being properly taken care of and some are just babies having babies and the birth parent makes a very hard decision but is what is best for the baby. Even in the least situation the state says move on with your life and they make nearly impossible to find the birth family. To the state of Indiana I must ask is this fair to the ones who want to know, do really find this fair to us? I mean really we were the innocent, we are the ones you took an oath to protect by law. It was our birth parent who did wrong by us so why are we punished by denying us our birth right?
Thanks for reading there is more to come thru this small but yet so familar saga. I promise that!!!